A thesis statement is a very important part of a composition. It is often called the heart of the write-up as it succinctly sums up the whole composition. The Essay Writing Service contains the central idea or the main argument in any composition and especially in essays, it makes clear to the reader what is the main argument of the essay. Students are often explicitly asked to write a well-crafted thesis statement while writing essays, be it argumentative, informative, or compare and contrast essays and they find it daunting to come up with a strong thesis statement.

Here are the expert tips that would guide you in writing an expert thesis statement:

Generally, a college essay contains two to three points. For example, a thesis statement about how social media has revolutionized the world would be:

"Social media has greatly revolutionized the world in many ways like it has reduced distances, made information readily available and provided an equal platform for everyone to voice their concerns on social media sites".

Here the thesis statement contains three main points and these points would be discussed in the body paragraphs of the essay.  The majority of school and college essays contain thesis statements like the example above that have clearly stated the three points on the basis of which the essay will argue as to how social media has revolutionized the world. By reading the thesis statement the reader gets to know about the whole essay and the major arguments.

A simple formula for an argumentative essay is:

(Something is true) because of …, …, and ….

This a simple and effective template that is mighty effective in an argumentative essay. If you are tasked with an assignment like writing a strong thesis statement of a topic that you feel formidable, it is advisable to seek essay or Write My Essay from different sources just to have a basic know-how about the task.

Other critical points you need to know about a thesis statement are:


A thesis statement can be short or long depending upon the number of points it discusses. Generally, a thesis statement is one sentence that usually contains two clauses; a dependent clause and an independent clause.  The independent clause talks about the main argument or opinion and the dependent clause consists of the reasons and logic.


A good essay is one that has a thesis statement at the end of the introduction paragraph. After the background and introduction of the topic, it tells the reader what the writer intends to say in the rest of the essay. Yet, different writers prefer to put in the middle and beginning of the introduction paragraph as well. However, as a good  Essay Writer, follow the rule of thumb that prefers a thesis statement to be at the end of the introduction paragraph.


A thesis statement should be strong and effective especially in argumentative it should have a clear argument. All the body of the essay and the subsequent argumentation depends on a strong thesis. For example, if you were to write a thesis statement about the efficacy of online education, you would write

  1. Online education is considered good because it is technology-friendly and affordable.

  2. The days of a pandemic have familiarized us with a new model of education that is online education which is beneficial in many ways like is affordable where you do not need to pay for conveyance, learning-friendly from the comfort of the home and it offers the option of availing multiple courses at a time from different universities.

In the examples above A is a weak thesis statement because it is not clear and convincing whereas B is strong and convincing. So, always craft a thesis statement that is clear, compelling, and effective.